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Welcome to Blackburn Foundation Horses website. The Blackburn Foundation Ranch is owned and managed by myself, Lynette Leier. The ranch is located approx 40 miles SE of Minot, ND. My roots in the horse business run deep - back several generations. My grandparents used foundation horses, utilizing the Blackburn lineage that Harold Schaefer brought up from Texas with own daughters of Blackburn. Relatives of mine help haul those mares up from Texas, and worked on the original Blackburn ranch in Bismarck, ND.

We laid to rest Mr Blackburn 946 "Burns" & Mr Poco Blakburn 108 "Mister" in 2013. It was a tough year, and I had to make a new plan for the future.

My daughter, Justina Bilby, has partnered with me in the purchase of Jaz Acero Hombre. We couldn't be more pleased with this stallion. He is an outstanding horse, with respect, kindness, and such a big heart, he will be an asset in preserving and perpetuating my breeding program. Both of my daughters, Justina Bilby & Lyrissa Ronyak have mares in the broodmare band.

We have decided to continue with the "old recipe" that the Waggoner Ranch started. We have high hopes for Jaz Acero Hombre and his first foal crop for the Blackburn Ranch to arrive in 2015.

We will continue to offer historically proven genetic bloodlines & pretty color as a bonus. Our program is built on Performance, Foundation, & Heart. The goal in breeding these Blackburn horses, is to produce foals that have conformation, disposition, speed, ability, & versatility, with good trainable minds, good arena prospects, all-around ranch horses, or family riding horses. My family has used these horses in Rodeo, AQHA Shows, 4-H, Ranch Horse Competitons, Open Shows, Trail Riding, & on cattle. BLACKBURN #2228 is still listed as #5 of the All-Time Leading Broodmare Sires of AQHA Champions. This is quite a feat considering that BLACKBURN was foaled in 1927. POCO BUENO sired 36 AQHA champions, 18 of which are from daughters or granddaughters of BLACKBURN. POCO BUENO is listed as #3 of All-Time Leading Sires of AQHA Champions. All Horses 5 Panel Genetic Test N/N Herda N/N.

Take a minute to visit our Founding Sires page for more information on these fine stallions.

Be sure to read the article about us and The Blackburn Effect!
Written by Frank Holmes and appeared in the 2010 Breeders Edition of the Today's Horse Magazine.

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The Stallions

Jaz Acero Hombre
100% Foundation Grullo
Homozygous Black
2 upcoming sons of
Mr Blackburn 946

The Mares

Foundation bred!

Blackburn, Poco Bueno, Pretty Buck & more
Check out their pedigrees and offspring for sale!

The Salebarn

Some of the best reining, penning and working cow horse breeding in the Country!

Great Selection from foals to finished horses!

In Memory To My Late Husband, Leslie......
He made my dream come true.

We have had many horses that have impacted our breeding
program and our hearts. Just to name a few......

Mr Blackburn 946 "Burns" ~ 1994-2013
Mr Poco Blakburn 108 "Mister" ~ 2002-2013
Blackburn Bonnett "Bonnett" ~ 1990-2012
Lassie Blackburn "Lassie" ~ 1996-2012
Blackburn Grulloking "Dandy" ~ 2010-2012
Silver Red Sandie "Sandie" ~ 1991-2011
Poco Blakburn 010 "Sage" ~ 1992-2010
Papoose Skip "Folly" ~ 1983-2009
Psycho Suey, Skeeter, & Champ

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